Well oh well ! The BBC has come out in response to criticism from DJI, with regard to the recent BBC2 Documentary which steamrollered the British public into believing that drones would cause the next UK air disaster. Their comical response was to say their programme delivered, quote ” a justified, fair, and impartial” view !! Hmm, now perhaps the documentary makers at the BBC have not read the Oxford English Dictionary definition of “impartial”. I shall therefore enlighten them. The Oxford English dictionary definition of “impartial” is “treating all rivals or disputants equally”…….hmmmm…..now if you watched the said documentary you would be asking yourself how by anyone’s definition can that programme be labelled “impartial”.

What a sad episode for the BBC, sad to see how far their standards have fallen, sad to see their treatment of all parties in such a documentary has become subject to such open bias.  We have to ask ourselves why, and yet sadly we all know the answer to that.