Well, if it wasn’t enough that we in the UK find ourselves at the end of a indiscriminate attack by Mr Andrew Sage of NATS for being careless, clueless criminals, the good old Beeb decides to stick the boot in as well with what we can only describe as one of the most biased, one sided displays of careless and innacurate pieces of journalism you could wish to see in their BBC2 documentary claiming that drones will be the next UK air disaster. What a shame they could not be bothered to actually use some of the “factual” information in their programme instead of just resorting to shameless sensationalism based on totally misinformed facts. Can we just say a huge well done to DJI for sending the BBC a very lengthy and factual response to the BBC. You can read that by clicking on this link :


ARPAS has also come out with a statement in response to the BBC documentary :